Working on animation over videos. Been practicing on Gambino’s Sweatpants video. 


First, please forgive my typos as I am just writing this freehand, and not really as a constructed piece of writing and I am also to lazy and anxious to through and proofread.  I come to tumblr today to vent just a small frustration or maybe frustrations as not only an artist, but a person. 140 characters isn’t enough for what I’d like to say and I notice that I’ve lost some followers as a result of what they may see as “whining” or “rambling”, but fuck them anyway. 

You know as an artist, this is a hard enough gig already, especially if this is the way you plan on making an income as well. And matter how many of you say some shit along the lines of “I don’t create for money, I create for the love of art”, it’s bullshit. Everyone wants to make money doing what the love. That’s just how it is, and you’re not doing yourself any favors if you’re doing it for free. Everyone knows this. Which is why it pisses me off to the utmost degree when people want something for nothing, which is in my case free art. 

For me that just doesn’t exist anymore. I refuse to create for free. I am at a point in my career where I cannot afford to put in the work for someone when where there isn’t a reward for me in the end. No matter how selfish that sounds. ART COSTS!ART COSTS!ART COSTS!ART COSTS! It’s cost money to create, whether you’re painting on canvas, or using photoshop and illustration or taking photos. PAINT COSTS. CANVAS COSTS ELECTRICITY COSTS. FUCK, ADOBE IS EXPENSIVE AS HELL. FILM COSTS. ART COSTS! So for someone to have the audacity to asks ANY artist to create anything for them without the artist receiving something on the other end is preposterous. DON’T EMAIL ME unless you have something for ME. Because if you do, you’re disrespecting me and demeaning my craft by saying what I do isn’t worth your money. 


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